Simply put, the VOID is the most immersive virtual reality destination… ever.

Founded in 2015 by Curtis Hickman and his two partners, the VOID allows you to travel into your favorite film, be your favorite character, and experience the impossible. The best part is that you not only see the virtual world- you feel it

Guests are encouraged to explore their physical surroundings while interacting with a dynamic, virtual world. You don’t just experience The VOID, you’re in it.



“I have seen a lot of great V.R. experiences, and nothing comes close to what The VOID is doing.”

“The VOID’s hyper-reality experiences allow you to do more than just enter a new world–you get to touch, feel, interact, and even smell truly terrifying environments.”

“The power of ‘The VOID’ allows guests to step into worlds that were beyond their reach until now.”